Job Description

HVAC dispatchers work with our field operators and technicians regarding the maintenance and repairs of various types of HVAC units and their respective components. Our dispatchers relay customers that need assistance with their HVAC unit. Dispatchers also communicate with our clients regarding their concerns and identify potential concerns before relaying the information to the proper departments within the company.


  • Receive emergency and non-emergency calls coming from both clients and technicians
  • Provide immediate solutions or transmit requests to technicians for proper addressing
  • Receive and relay information about orders for products, services, or deliveries.
  • Monitor status of technicians and coordinate schedules
  • Coordinate with field personnel regarding information on various products and services



  • Experience on HVAC installation and service
  • Good personality motivated and possess highly customer service skills
  • Have a least a minimum high school diploma/GED and some technical HVAC school training
  • Participate in rotating schedules for our emergency dispatch services.

To apply for this job please visit www.majanosheatingaccontractor.com.