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The average home has two separate systems for climate control: one used to regulate the temperature in living space and another which warms or cools the air. A new option available is the heat pump–a type of centralized forced-air system able to act both as a heater (heating) and function as an AC unit. This can be beneficial if you want efficient forms on heating/cooling at your convenience; it will help save money by not needing two devices running simultaneously all day long.
Majano Heating & A/C brings you professional boiler and heat pump service for installation, repair, or maintenance.

What Are The Benefits of Heat Pumps

  • Heating or cooling of rooms
  • Climate control in older homes or without ductwork
  • Heating bill reduction

An issue with a heat pump brings comfortability as the central system halts all the home’s heating or cooling control features. The professional team of Majano Heating & A/C is your best solution to the query “heat pump service near me.” Whether it is a geothermal, air, or ground source heat pump, our experts can effectively handle its repair and replacement.

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