3 Common Causes of AC Mold

AC units are considered to be valuable in fighting the famous Louisiana heat. It’s so essential in the south that it’s considered foolish by many not to have one for their homes. That’s why businesses offering air condition installation and services such as AC filter maintenance around the area are flourishing, and for good reason.

The damp and humid environment in Livingston Parish alone is enough to put a man into a frenzied rage if it gets too doggone hot! But that’s not all that can make one furious, no. What makes a man angrier than a tangled alligator on a death roll during summer is the chance of not being able to use their AC units because it smells musty.

Yes, we’re talking about molds in the AC unit. Believe it or not, this is a common problem for folks living in humid places like Livingston Parish. And sadly, it’s a usual cause for allergic reactions. But what’s not as common is knowing the reasons why it breeds within homeowners’ own air conditioners.

As one of the best AC installation companies in your locale, we at Majano Heating and AC have created this blog so you could better know the causes for air conditioning molds. In turn, you get to understand the importance of having professionals do AC maintenance in order to check them and/or perform AC filter cleaning on a regular basis. After all, knowing these causes are the first steps towards effective teamwork with residential HVAC mold remediation companies.

  1. Moisture
    Before worrying about any AC mold remediation, though, first you have to understand moisture. Livingston Parish is no stranger to this as the state suffers from hot weather and unpredictable rainfalls throughout the year. The hot and humid environment thus becomes a perfect environment for mold to grow. Even if you regularly use your AC unit, mold can still build up as a result of this natural occurrence.That’s why AC repair services and maintenance should seriously be considered if you do happen to be a local homeowner in Livingston Parish. It’s definitely much easier than worrying about how to clean an AC filter yourself, or how you can go about AC mold removal or AC unit mold remediation.But then again, Mother Nature cannot be solely blamed for this one. In fact, there are other factors that tie-up with the naturally moist locale that causes air conditioning mold buildup.
  2. Dust buildups
    This occurs if your house is awfully dirty or if you’re not using your air conditioning system that much. In time, a dusty environment can clog up air filters and turn them into breeding grounds for mold growth (especially considering that the state can get pretty humid).The same goes for unused AC units. Because the whole unit is basically idle, it doesn’t allow for any type of circulation, making it a perfect medium for dust buildup. The wonderful news about this situation, however, is that it could be easily solved by a quick air conditioning cleaning.
  3. Lack of maintenance
    This is probably one of the most common causes of mold growth within an AC unit. Even the most sophisticated unit would need regular air conditioning maintenance for it to function the way it should. This would include inspections, cleanups, and even air conditioning repair service and replacement.And while a DIY approach is possible, it’s not an approach that people can easily afford to do. Time, effort, and skill definitely play major parts in doing DIY. And most homeowners simply do not have some or all of the given to do it on their own. That’s why air conditioning service providers exist because they can do the work for you without a hitch.

So there you have it, 3 of the most common reasons for mold buildups on AC units. And while it seems like an issue only resolvable by buying a new one, it can easily be addressed by hiring professionals to do the job. With them around, you can be sure that removing AC mold from AC units will go smoothly.

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