5 Steps to Prepare Your AC for Summer

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If you think you don’t need any air conditioning installation and service in Livingston Parish, LA or wherever you may be, well, you’re wrong. Summer is finally here. And while this could be the most enjoyable season for many, as the sunny weather is perfect for vacations, it can also be a living hell for you if you can’t combat the high temperatures. This is especially true for places like Livingston Parish, LA where summers get awfully hot and humid. Without a properly working AC, lazing around the house during your break is going to end up like being marinated and set for baking in the oven instead!

So what can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen? Well, you have to make sure that your AC is at its full capacity even before the hottest summer days arrive!

Here are 5 simple steps you can do:

  1. Change Your Filters
    The first one sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? After all, most air conditioning systems have reusable and replaceable filters, which means you can do this on your own. But did you know? Most people fail to do this often enough. This causes dust build-up on the filter which recirculates around your house and also restricts the airflow through your system. If you live in Livingston, Parish, Louisiana, or basically anywhere else in the state, you should change your filters every month, or even two, to make sure that you won’t experience any AC failures when the hellish summer season begins.
  2. Clear Out the Condenser
    Clogging doesn’t stop on the filters; it can be within the system, too. One of the areas where this can happen is in the condenser, and if it does, you’ll be dealing with a lot more than just dust. This is the most common reason for AC water leaks, and it would cost you a lot to hire someone for an air conditioning repair. This is a common problem for residents not only in Livingston Parish, LA but also pretty much everywhere else. So to avoid this mishap, you have to regularly clear out any dirt and debris from your condenser that could potentially cause blockages.
  3. Check Your Coolant Tubes and Pipes
    The coolant tubes and pipes running from your system’s evaporator should be insulated to avoid two problems. The first is unwanted condensation that could damage your house and furniture, and the second is the pickup of additional heat in the refrigerant which would make the condenser and compressor struggle. This would make your unit less energy efficient as well. So you have to make sure that these insulations aren’t damaged or falling apart. If this is neglected, then your air conditioner won’t be able to work as efficiently and you’ll be experiencing a huge spike in your bills this summer.
  4. Check and Clean the Outside Unit
    There are way too many objects outside that could get into your air conditioning units: plants, dirt, mud, pebbles, insects; the list goes on. The point is that your AC system’s outside unit can be blocked or infiltrated by pretty much anything, reducing its performance. So, you need to always make sure that it doesn’t happen. In Livingston Parish, LA, plants grow abundantly in summer, so you have to check your unit at least once a month on the course of the season.
  5. Contact a Professional
    Now, you can do regular inspections for your AC all on your own just fine; in fact, that’s actually a positive habit! However, there are problems which are simply too risky to address on your own, such as holes, corrosion, or loose wiring. When your regular check-ups reveal problems like these, don’t hesitate to hire a pro for maintenance service ASAP. Keep in mind that any delay may result in even bigger problems and, therefore, higher repair bills.

Before this even happens, give us at Majano Heating and A/C a call at 985-551-4347 for a reliable air conditioning repair. We are a leading local company that services Livingston Parish, LA and the surrounding areas, so rest assured that we’re readily available to assist you the moment you get in touch with us. Whatever HVAC services you may need, trust that we can do it for you.