You Might Encounter These Common HVAC System Problems

Technicians fixing air conditioning problems

In today’s generation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems have become widespread throughout the whole world. You can literally see pieces of HVAC units everywhere, in places like your area’s local shopping mall and even in your friend’s home. It’s one of the products of modern technology that became a staple in everyday life. But like all machines, these systems are bound to accumulate damages as time passes by, which leads to issues that heavily contribute to their decline. With that said, here are some common HVAC problems that you might encounter in the future:

Dirty Components

Since your HVAC unit is basically exposed to open air, it means that debris, such as dust and dirt, would eventually accumulate in its components. Although this is an inevitable occurrence, continuously using the machine without cleaning its components — condenser and air filters — would result in an HVAC unit that’s working a lot harder to produce air. In turn, this leads to a quicker HVAC performance decline and other problems such as furnace overheating, and a drop in its overall efficiency and longevity.

Refrigerant Leak

What good is an HVAC system if it can’t produce cold air in the middle of summer, right? Well, one possible reason this happens is that of a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is a liquid agent that gives cooling and dehumidifying properties to the air being blown out of these units. If it leaks out, the system would end up producing warm air, making your area feel a lot hotter and more humid.

Thermostat Problems

There are times when HVAC systems go from producing a cold breeze to blowing out warm air in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your unit is badly damaged. This is actually an indication that there is a problem with your unit’s thermostat, a component that is responsible for regulating the timing and amount of hot and cold air being produced.

Essentially, all of these problems can be attributed to general wear and tear and lack of maintenance which result to the gradual decline of your HVAC system. Given that, it is important for you to look for reputable HVAC companies that offer maintenance and repair solutions for your unit. This will help you avoid encountering more problems with your machine, leading you to spend less in the future. After all, HVAC systems were made to make people’s lives more comfortable, not to make it a lot harder.

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