Heat, Humidity And More

heat humidity and more

Residents of the Hammond, LA region understand that they’re dealing with some pretty intense temperatures and other kinds of climate issues that affect their home systems and, frankly, their quality of life in their homes.


Even visitors often exclaim about the heat and humidity in the summer. It’s a known quantity here in Hammond, and it affects people day and night through those seasons when we all struggle with these extremes. It’s a challenge for many residents, and we can relate to it.


What can you do to escape the biting summer heat and the oppressive humidity of the summer months?


Well, when all else fails, your home is your castle, and you want to retire there and live in comfort. You want to be able to sleep without sweating all night.


With that in mind, we offer some of the area’s best installation and maintenance services. Don’t settle for less than the best, as some customers say.


Pressure on AC and Heating Systems


In hot summer seasons, the intense humidity of the outdoor environment gives your AC system a pounding day in and day out. It’s not extremely common for systems to last more than 30 years. It’s fairly common for them to expire before that, especially if they don’t have all of the proper setup, including:


  •       Adequate drainage


  •       Good positioning of coils


  •       Filter changes


So all of these factors into the life of your AC system. Without some professional assistance, a lot of these complex systems don’t last as long as they otherwise could. And that means a lot when your climate is like ours! We know that HVAC can be expensive, and we are on your side.


Professional Assistance with AC and HVAC


We can help.


From the beginning installation of your new AC system or heat pump to the eventual maintenance that keeps your machines humming along smoothly, we deal with the entire life cycle of your systems. That means investing in the knowledge that our techs use to perfect your home systems.


Ask us about plans to help with your budget as you keep your property in good condition. We’re also among the most responsive companies ready to come to your aid if something happens to your home systems. We are available by phone or email and open every day except Sunday. 


When the going gets tough, go with the pros, and you won’t be disappointed by how you feel when you’re in your house hiding out from the summer heat! We also help with heat pumps and check out some of the testimonials and other sources on the site to learn more about our integrity, our track record in Hammond, and how we work.