HVAC Components: How Do They Work?

HVAC Components

Whether or not you’re the type to regularly get HVAC services in Livingston Parish, LA, it pays to know what’s happening inside your home’s HVAC system. It would also be beneficial to know its parts, as well as know how they’re all installed throughout your house. Besides, how would you know if the system’s properly working if all you understand is how to turn it on or off, right? How will you give your initial report to the HVAC repairman when something is wrong if you’re not sure what component is responsible for the damage?

Fortunately, it’s not all that complicated. Every HVAC system generally has four main parts, and understanding how they work even on a basic level can really make troubleshooting and any other tasks such as a cooling installation in, say, Hammond, a lot easier.

First is the furnace. It is considered as one of the core parts of any HVAC system as it is responsible for the unit’s heating functions. It uses gas or oil in order to increase the air’s temperature, with the help of a heat exchanger inside it. This part of the HVAC system is usually seen in the attic, basement, or an area of the house specially designed to really contain a furnace and is arguably one of the biggest and most space-consuming components of a system.

The second component is the thermostat, which many think to be the most obvious part of an HVAC system. As you may already know, this is the component that you would interact with the most often, as it is installed on walls which are easily accessible. This is the component that lets you manually program your home to have a certain fixed temperature. When the temperature in your home’s immediate surroundings becomes too hot or cold, this automatically prompts your HVAC system to circulate air at the necessary degrees to balance it.

The vents are the next component to consider. Vents or the ventilation shafts (also known as ductwork) serve as the passageway for both hot and cold air so that they can circulate through your entire house. This is a vital component of any HVAC system, especially since the system is basically useless if the air it creates can’t spread through the house’s different rooms anyway. These openings keep the rooms from being overly heated or cooled and also ensure that there’s enough oxygen cycling in through the room and carbon dioxide out. The openings of vents in a room are usually pointed down from the ceiling, as they are designed to send air downward.

And lastly, while there is a furnace for heating, there are also evaporator coils for cooling. It’s the key component for the air conditioner. It works with the condensing unit, which is installed outside the house and filled with refrigerant gas or “cold fluid”. The cold fluid passes through the coils and absorbs the heat from the air. Once heated, it converts to gas before it eventually gets converted back to liquid through the condenser unit. And so, the cycle repeats itself.

The importance of these coils to the HVAC system is evident because the AC won’t function at all if it’s dirty or damaged. The system will have to work harder to produce your desired temperature, which means your electric bills will spike as an effect.

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