Types of Home Cooling Systems

Summer’s just about to arrive this year, so it’s time for you to really make sure that your fans and ACs are installed and working properly if you haven’t yet. This means getting the proper HVAC services for your home in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, or anywhere else in the state. After all, summers can be pretty extreme in these areas.

One of the worst scenarios that every Louisianian should avoid is the buildup of heat in their house. So how could you make sure this doesn’t happen?

Three words: Home cooling systems.

And believe it or not, these systems come in a lot of types and each of them has its own unique advantage depending on your house plans and budget.

    1. Ventilation
      This is the most common and arguably the easiest way to keep the heat from building up in your home. It’s also the least expensive and most energy-efficient. This system is pretty simple, in a sense that you only have to create vent ducts all around the house for proper air circulation, so that hot air is continuously pushed out of the house and cool air is sucked in.Unfortunately, this system won’t work so well by itself if the region is generally hot and humid and the difference in day and night temperatures are small. After all, where would you get cool air from if there’s none available? So if you’re planning for a cooling installation in areas like Hammond or Livingston, then you should combine this system with others to make it more effective.
    2. Evaporative Coolers
      This system works best on areas with low humidity. Just as its name suggests, this system uses water to function. It sucks warm air in through water-saturated pads, and the high temperature of the air causes the water to evaporate. Once this happens, the temperature of the air and water vapor combined gets balanced out, becoming cooler, before being directed into the room. And with cooler air inside, the existing warmer air in the room gets pushed out.The great thing about evaporative coolers is that the cool air they provide is fresh from the outside and that they actually cost half of how much it is to install central air conditioners (which will be further elaborated below). But the downside is that it tends to be more demanding when it comes to maintenance and that it’s only applicable to places with low humidity.
    3. Air Conditioning
      ACs are perhaps the most popular type of cooling system. This type of cooling unit uses the same concept as a refrigerator to cool your home, using electricity to transfer the heat of a house interior outdoors, and then transferring cool air inside with the use of its evaporator coil and refrigerant. The following are just 2 among some of the general types of ACs:

      • Central ACs
        A central air conditioning system is, as the name suggests, an air conditioning unit that provides cool air for the entire house. It’s a single, centralized system that works to improve air quality for a whole structure.
      • Room ACs
        On the other hand, room air conditioners are smaller units mounted on walls with one side connected outside. Room ACs can only spread cool air to a restricted range, and that’s why they’re meant to cool not more than a room per single unit only. So if you ought for room ACs than a centralized system, you have to choose between installing it to certain rooms only and leaving others without one or buying as many AC units as the number of rooms in a building.
    4. Heat Pumps
      Now, you might be wondering why a heating system is included in this list of home cooling systems. Well you see, heat pumps increase the temperature of an interior area by pulling warm air in and pushing cool air out. But this system actually works both direct and reverse ways, which means if you want to cool a room instead, then all you have to do is reverse it.
    5. Duct System as Whole House Fan
      Whole house fans pull air from open windows and push it out through the attic or roof. So in a sense, it’s an upgraded version of regular ventilation systems. This enables cool fresh air to continuously replace the warmer air indoors. Now, you can actually use your duct system to operate similarly. Through the vents, the system regulates the air inside a structure and continuously replace the stagnant air in a room with new ones to prevent heat build-up. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to cool your house. The only downside is that in case of leaks, the system would pose great harm to people’s health. It could contain gases or carbon monoxide, both of which have serious health impacts.

In any case, it’s up to you to decide which heating and cooling systems work the best for your location, situation, and budget. Just keep in mind that whatever your choice is, your best course of action is still to consult the experts and discuss all the pros and cons of possible choices with them.

Here at Majano Heating and A/C, we provide high-quality installation and repairs of HVAC systems. So if you are in need of any HVAC services in or out of Livingston Parish, Louisiana, to make sure you’re prepared for the summer, give us a call and tell us all your needs. We assure you in turn that we will improve your HVAC unit’s efficiency. Choose us for effective air conditioning installation now!